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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deepa Raaga

By Voize on 20 Jun 2009
Songwriting talents in Malaysia and rest of the world are now vying to win over RM85,000 of cash prizes, in a global competition to write the best songs for Deepavali. The top prize winner alone stands to walk away with a whopping RM25,000 cash prize.

This was announced in today’s media launch held here, in conjunction with this ground-breaking competition. Since the commencement of the contest on 1st June 2009, entries are already streaming in from songwriters – amateurs and professionals alike. Closing date for entry submissions is 15th July 2009.

According to event organizer, M.Marren, “Our goal in staging this unique competition is to create a pool of enjoyable Deepavali songs in Tamil, with a nice catchy tune, that can help all of us celebrate Deepavali with a lot more fun together with our family and friends. Celebrating our festivals with music is a very Malaysian style – just like how it is for “lagu-lagu Raya”, Gong Xi Songs and even Christmas Carols. With Deepavali songs created by Deepa Raaga, we will be able to celebrate Deepavali in our usual muhibbah way. The Top 10 winning songs from this year’s Deepa Raaga contest will be made available to the public in time for Deepavali celebrations in October 2009.”

This unique songwriting contest will infact create a new genre of music for the world.
This is because, for Indians - not just in Malaysia but around the world - there has been a vacuum for festive songs to celebrate Deepavali. Instead we find that Indian movie songs or instrumental music is used to mark Deepavali celebrations on television or radio stations, and even our popular shopping malls. The same even at home.

Deepa Raaga is organized and promoted by Malaysia’s number 1 Indian entertainment club - Chakravartty’s, which is managed by Eastern Junction (M) Sdn Bhd. The event manager is Earth, Wind & Fire Advertising Sdn Bhd.

Contestants can now submit First Round entries by uploading them onto the event web portal- www.DeepaRaaga.com, or even making manual submission to the Secretariat office.

All information is available on the web portal. There is no limit to number of entries and there is also NO ENTRY FEE! “I want to make it really easy for every songwriter to take part in this contest, and be able to share their talents with the world” said Marren. The closing date for this submission in 15th July 2009.

In staging this Contest, the Organizers have stressed on the quality of the compositions that will be selected for the final stages. For this, a panel of top quality judges has been commissioned. This panel of 3 judges, consists of Malaysia’s highly talented and multi-award winning sitar and tabla musicians, Samuel J Dass and Prakash Kandasamy. Both are no strangers to the international music world, having also cut individual and collaborative albums. The third judge is Babu Loganaatan, who is a well known performer in the South Indian music industry. He is also the scion of the iconic Tamil movie playback singer of yesteryear – Trichi Loganathan. All three have had substantial experiences in judging musical talent contests.

From the open pool of the First Round entries, the judges will select the best 30 for the semi-finals which will be held at Chakravartty’s in Kuala Lumpur between the 3rd and 5th of August 2009. From this semi-finals, the Top 10 will be selected for the Grand Finals to be held on 6th September 2009. The venue for the Finals will be announced later.

The winner judged to be the Best Of The Best, with the Best Song, will win RM25,000 cash. The first and second runners-up will win RM15,000 and RM12,500 respectively. The other 7 finalists will win RM5,000 each.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deepa Raaga Contest Launch

The Star - 18-June-2009

Deepavali song writing contest, cash prizes up for grabs

ARE you a talented song writer and looking forward to establish yourself in this field?
Well, this is the right time for you to show your talent as the Deepa Raaga, Global Deepavali Song writing Contest 2009 is being held.

Song writing talents in Malaysia and the rest of the world are now vying to win over RM85,000 in cash prizes by participating in this global competition to write the best songs for Deepavali.
Deepa Raaga is organised by the Chakravarthy Club which is managed by Eastern Junction (M) Sdn Bhd and the event manager is Earth, Wind and Fire Advertising Sdn Bhd.

The top prize winner will walk away with RM25,000. The runner-up and second runner-up stand to take home RM15,000 and RM12,500 respectively while seven finalists will receive RM5,000 each.

This was announced during the media launch at the Royal Selangor Club, The closing date for entry submissions is July 15.

Managing director of Earth, Wind and Fire Advertising Sdn Bhd M. Marren said: “Our aim in holding this unique competition is to create a pool of enjoyable Deepavali songs in Tamil with catchy tunes that set the mood for the festival.”

Those interested can now submit their entries by uploading songs through the event web portal at www.DeepaRaaga.com. There is no entry fee.

Contestants can also submit their entries to the secretariat office. More than one entry is allowed.

The panel of judges include Malaysia’s highly talented and multi-award-winning sitar player Samuel J. Dass, tabla master Prakash Kandasamy and well-known performer in the South Indian music industry Babu Loganaatan.

The judges will select the best 30 songs for the semifinals from the first round of entries and select the top 10 from the semifinals for the grand finals to be held on Sept 6.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Global Deepavali Songwriting Contest

Deepa Raaga is a unique songwriting contest open to song writers from around the world, with the ultimate aim of creating a collection of festive songs especially for Deepavali.

It's a groundbreaking event, that will create a new genre of music which will be made available to the public either as a CD album or via download from the internet in time for this year's Deepavali celebrations.

Soon, we will be able to enjoy the meaningful festivities of Deepavali with these tunes, not only in our homes, but also amongst the shopping malls and bazaars of downtown KL, Serangoon Road in Singapore and even to the streets of Chennai!
Contest Mechanics
In the preliminary stage, entries must be made before the closing date, which is 15th July 2009. Its so easy to enter, just upload your songs and lyrics submissions online in this portal at the “SUBMIT ENTRY” tab on the menu bar. You may also contact the Secretariat and speak to Shirley at +603-7781-7502, to get your entry form.
At the end of Stage 1, the judges will select the Best 30 entrants to progress to the semi-finals, which will be held at Chakravartty’s – Malaysia’s No.1 Indian Live Entertainment Club in Kuala Lumpur from 3 to 5 August 2009. The Top 10 will then be selected for the Grand Finals on 6th September 2009.

Stage 1.
Submission of entries - 1st June to 15th July 2009

Stage 2.
Semi-finals - 3rd to 5th August 2009
Live Performance
Venue: Chakravathy Club, KL

Stage 3.
GRAND FINAL - 6th September 2009
Live Performance
Venue: to be determined

Cash Prizes for the Top 10 Finalists only

1. BEST SONG Winner RM25,000

2. BEST SONG Runner-up RM15,000

3. BEST SONG 2nd Runner-up RM12,500

4. Remaining 7 of the Top 10 Finalists RM5,000 each

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Formula 1

It was a great weekend for our Chakravartty member Mr. Mahendran, who won the coveted F1 Grand Prix Grand Stand seat at Sepang International Circuit.

He was one of the lucky winners of Johnnie Walker Grand Stand Hospitality pass from Chakravartty Pub & Restaurant.

"This is my first F1 experience and it was electrifying," Mahendran said. Mahendran was accompanied by our IT officer Vincent Das who was excited as well.

And for those who missed the contest and for the unlucky ones, watch out for next year, maybe you can be a winner too from Chakravartty.